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Virtual Office in Vietnam

Virtual Office in Vietnam

Even if the company formation procedure in Vietnam is not the simplest, there are ways in which at least part of the process can be simplified. One of these ways is opting for a virtual office that can be used as the registered address of the company – having a local registered address is mandatory when starting a business in Vietnam. However, a Vietnam virtual office also has other uses.

If you want virtual office services in Vietnam, you can get in touch with our company formation agents. They can provide you with detailed information about the available virtual office packages. 

Quick Facts  
  Address availability (YES/NO)


Cities availability

Hanoi, Ho Chi Min, Thanh Hoa, etc.

Phone number (YES/NO)

Company registered address use possibility (YES/NO)


Mail collection and forwarding (YES/NO) YES
Meeting room availabilty

YES, with prior reservation

Virtual assistant option (YES/NO)


Employee required NO
Other services available Bank statement collection, message recording and forwarding, documents reception
Minimum rental period  1 month
 Advantages  Cheaper compared to a traditional rental, flexibility, personalized packages, simple and quick to obtain.

What is a Vietnam virtual office?

The virtual office is not a traditional office, but a service available to foreign and local businessmen and companies seeking to have a contact point in a country or one or more cities. In Vietnam, a virtual office can be used to keep in contact with existing clients and business partners or to carry out research activities and prospect the market for potential customers. If you want to act out of the box for your business, you can go for a virtual office. Our company formation experts in Vietnam can assist you in this matter. They can provide you with comprehensive guidance about the available virtual office services in Vietnam.

The number of investors opening companies in Vietnam in the last several years has increased considerably, as the country’s economy became more diverse. If you need any help with the online incorporation of your firm, you can still reach out to our experts. Our company formation experts can efficiently guide you on how to incorporate your firm online. 

Why choose a virtual office in Vietnam?

The virtual office is the cheapest solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam, which also represent the engine of the local economy. Virtual offices come equipped with various equipment – from simple telephones, faxes, and computers – to high-tech solutions, such as state-of-the-art projectors and robo-answering services.
Another reason to choose a virtual office is that it can be located in a prestigious business center in one of the large cities of Vietnam, which is a suitable option for large companies seeking to have a contact point with its customers and partners.

The costs of virtual office services in Vietnam should not be neglected, as they can have a positive impact on the company’s budget. For example, our Vietnam company registration specialists always offer personalized virtual office services enabling clients to choose the solutions they want to integrate at very affordable rates. Besides these services, if you are planning to incorporate a branch office in Vietnam you can get in touch with our agents. Our company incorporation consultants can provide you with effective advice about setting up a branch in Vietnam.

Virtual office services in Vietnam

The following services are available when purchasing a Vietnam virtual office package:

  •       a local business address in one or more of the largest cities in Vietnam;
  •        a local telephone number which can be used to make and receive local and international calls;
  •        mailing address with forwarding services is also available when requested;
  •        conference rooms with a prior notification are also available, on demand;
  •        e-mail services with the possibility of further forwarding messages to another address.

You can rely on our agents for information on the facilities with a virtual office in Vietnam. In addition to this, if you want to open a company in Vietnam, our experts can assist you. Our company incorporation consultants will not only inform you about the advantages of forming a company in this country, but they will also help you to comply with the corporate tax regulations. Based on the firm’s input of pertinent information, our Vietnamese accountants may assist a company in preparing an annual CIT return. They can also verify that taxable revenues and deductible costs have been accurately disclosed for CIT calculation purposes by reviewing the company’s records and any other supporting papers. Following this procedure, our accountants will write a letter that discusses potential CIT problems, CIT risks, and suggested next steps.

The uses of a Vietnam virtual office

The virtual office is usually used by foreign companies when setting up their operations in Vietnam. Considering that the virtual office services are available for certain periods of time which can be tailored, these are also suitable for local companies seeking to have a temporary address in another city than the one it is operating in. In case you need a virtual office in another country, for example in Singapore, we can put you in contact with our partners.

Virtual offices can be rented for conference meetings; however, a prior request must be put in with our Vietnam company formation consultants.

The virtual office as a business address in Vietnam

When setting up a business in Vietnam one of the main requirements is to have a legal address. This is perhaps one of the most difficult steps to complete, but not from a documentation point of view, but rather from a time-related matter, finding a suitable location can require attention during the search.

With the help of a virtual office in Vietnam, however, this issue can be resolved in just a matter of days until you find the most suitable address for your needs.

The virtual office is a service created for various uses, among which is a business address when incorporating a company in Vietnam. It can also be used for receiving correspondence and official documents from the local authorities.

Such service comes with several facilities, among which a private secretary if required.

The address of the virtual office can be used with the Trade Register upon filing the documents necessary to obtain the Certificate of Registration. This is a suitable solution if you are interested in creating a limited liability company, the most employed legal entity in this country.

You can rely on our specialists for assistance in opening a business here with the use of a virtual office.

The virtual office in Vietnam as a service for foreign entrepreneurs

If you are not from Vietnam but plan to relocate here and set up a company or work as an independent contractor, the virtual office can be your first step in establishing a contact point here. You will have a local phone number and address from where you will be able to maintain relationships with potential clients or associates.

The virtual office can be used before you incorporate your company and start making profits and all this is possible with minimum investment: the payment of the services associated with this service. Also, you can customize the package you acquire, so you can include flexibility on the list of pros for opting for such a solution. They will review your request and help you to get an appropriate virtual office that meets your business needs. 

Besides this assistance, our agents can further help you to apply for trademark registration in Vietnam. Getting a trademark for your business in Vietnam is important, it helps to protect your products and services. So, for smooth and uninterrupted regulation of your business, you can get in touch with our company formation agents. They can provide you with a practical guide to help you acquire a trademark in Vietnam. 

Vietnamese cities where you can obtain a virtual office

One of the most important advantages of a virtual office in Vietnam is that it will usually be available in important locations such as business and commercial centers alongside important corporations. This is why, you will find such services in the most prolific cities of this country, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Thanh Hoa.

The services you can acquire with them can be tailored to your needs. For instance, you can choose to have a simple business address, however, you can also decide for mail collection and forwarding and a local phone number to receive and store voice messages from clients and business partners.

The virtual office is often used by domestic companies established in certain regions of the country that want to have a contact point in other parts of Vietnam, as this is a cheaper option that does not require transferring employees there if compared to renting an actual office.

Minimize your costs with a virtual office

Easy to obtain and friendly with your budget, these are two of the most important characteristics of a virtual office in Vietnam. With its help you will be able to reduce the costs of running an office to the minimum. Apart from having the possibility of choosing the facilities attached to it, you can decide the period you want to maintain the office for.

The virtual office is usually a temporary solution that will not impact the budget of your company but will help you keep a balance between your main office and other possible locations you can expand your operations.

If you are a foreign entrepreneur, the virtual office can be the contact point you use in Vietnam before arriving here, or in case delays intervene while you set up your business here.

Our company formation specialists in Vietnam are at your disposal with various services, including tax assistance. You can also find out from the video below how to purchase a virtual office in Vietnam:

Features of a virtual office in Vietnam 

Without an actual office location, a virtual office offers a business office address. This enables remote and virtual work while still maintaining a physical presence for your company and its personnel. A person can work from any location while still taking advantage of important aspects of having physical work due to a virtual office.
Small firms and startup companies that want to save costs frequently use virtual offices. Without the expensive commitment of a typical office contract, businesses can retain a professional image with the help of many virtual office packages.
Packages for virtual offices include a range of options. These services can be adapted to your company’s needs and are customizable. For customized services, you are welcome to get in touch with our company formation experts in Vietnam. Below you can find information about features of a virtual office that can help you what to expect:

  • Meeting room booking

If you require a physical, professional venue for a business meeting, meeting rooms and conference rooms are included in virtual office packages and are available for rent. Conference call equipment, a TV, snacks, a printer, a copier, air conditioning, and other amenities are all included in meeting rooms. This feature of virtual office packages is particularly significant because it gives firms access to networking opportunities, which are essential to many flourishing enterprises.

  • Postal service and mail forwarding

Your mail will be delivered to the office address if your virtual office address includes a post and mail service. As part of this service, a receptionist will discreetly open your physical mail, scan the items within, and email them to you so you get every piece of mail right away. All incoming mail and deliveries will be signed for and handled by a virtual office, enabling your company to be open round-the-clock.

  • Services at workspaces

When you require a physical office to work from, many virtual office locations also provide additional workspace amenities including offices, coworking spaces, and hot desks that you can drop by and utilize on an as-needed, ad hoc basis. A variety of amenities are available in these workspaces, including open floor plans, contemporary furnishings, air conditioning, broadband, refreshments, storage, kitchenettes, fax, printers, copier, conference calling, and television.

  • The registered address for business 

A virtual office gives you a prominent, Companies House-registered business address. You can use this address on your website, business cards, and letterheads as well as in all written contact. Learn more about the advantages of utilizing a virtual office address vs using your home address from our company formation agents in Vietnam.

  • Call handling and telephone answering

Through the use of your company name, a receptionist at the physical office address will answer and manage your calls and messages when you use a virtual office. After that, they will be able to call you, transfer and forward calls to you, and send messages to you. You will be given a personal phone line and a number that is specific to your business.
If you need more information about the features of a virtual office, you can get in touch with our agents. They can offer you efficient guidance and virtual office services in Vietnam.

Virtual office vs traditional office in Vietnam

Many foreign investors who want to find new business opportunities in Vietnam often wonder what of the two options – traditional or virtual office – is best for them.

Our local advisors have prepared a table where the traditional office and the virtual office service are compared from several points of view:

 Traditional Office Virtual Office
 involves an actual office space is a service
 rent must be paid does not require rent
 must have at least one employee there is no need for an employee
 can be expensive is a cheaper option

Economic outlook on Vietnam

If you are still wondering if investing in Vietnam is a good idea, you should know that the country recovered quite well from an economic point of view despite the pandemic. According to statistics quoted by the local news:

  • in the first half of 2021, the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased by 5.6% thanks to exports and internal demand;
  • the Asian Development Bank predicts Vietnam will conclude the year with a GDP growth of 6.7%;
  • the government is more prudent and expects the economic growth to be of 6.5% for 2021;
  • foreign direct investments are also expected to increase by 6.8% compared to last year.

For information on the virtual office services available with our advisors in Vietnam, please contact us. We can also help if you are interested in setting up a company in Vietnam.