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Set Up a HORECA Business in Vietnam

Set Up a HORECA Business in Vietnam

Enterprisers can open various types of companies in different industries in Vietnam. The choice is usually made based on the amount one wants to invest, the qualifications or experience, but also on an analysis of the market or a feasibility study. As a matter of fact, in the case of foreign investors, the Investment Board requires an investment plan no matter the type of company one wants to set up in Vietnam.

Tourism is one of the most prolific industries in Vietnam at the moment, and a HORECA company is a very good investment idea for those interested. One of the most important branches of the HORECA industry at the moment is the luxury hotel branch.

Below, our company formation agents in Vietnam explain the steps to open a HORECA business in this country.

Steps to open a HORECA company in Vietnam

Those who want to open a HORECA company in Vietnam can open a restaurant, a hotel or a café, or can integrate all three businesses into one. The first step to start such business in Vietnam is to choose the type of entity and register it. The owners must also decide on a suitable location and purchase or apply for a construction permit in order to create the building in accordance with their needs.

Foreign enterprisers are subject to specific criteria for the incorporation of the company used to open the Vietnamese HORECA business. Our Vietnam company registration specialists can explain these requirements.

Licenses for setting up a HORECA business in Vietnam

There are several licenses which must be obtained when establishing a HORECA company in Vietnam. These are:

  • a tourism operation license, in the case of hotels;
  • the food establishment license, in the case of restaurants.

HORECA companies are also allowed to apply for liquor licenses, known as sub-licenses which must be obtained separately. However, hotels and restaurants applying for this license must comply with very strict regulations related to the storage and sale of alcoholic beverages.

HORECA companies can also register with the National Administration of Tourism in Vietnam in order to increase their visibility on the market.

For assistance in opening a HORECA company in Vietnam, please contact our company registration advisors.  If you need accounting services to file taxes, get in touch with our expert accountants in Vietnam. One of the most challenging financial tasks you have to complete each year, particularly if you are self-employed or run your own small business, is filing your taxes. Filing your taxes may be a highly complicated procedure due to complicated laws, and varying requirements for various circumstances. You may avoid a lot of worry by hiring an accountant to assist you with your taxes.