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Initial Coin Offering in Vietnam

Initial Coin Offering in Vietnam

An initial coin offering (ICO) can be launched by a business to raise money for the development of a new coin, app, or service. A new cryptocurrency token that the business has issued can be obtained by participating in an initial coin offering by interested investors. This token might be useful concerning the goods or services that the business is providing, or it might merely be a stake in the business or project.

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ICO general understanding

For understanding initial coin offering in Vietnam, you can find a set of general information below, and if you have any further ambiguities in this regard, you can also get in touch with our company formation agents:

  • Initial coin offers (ICOs) are a well-liked method of raising money for goods and services that are typically connected to cryptocurrencies;
  • Initial coin offers (ICOs) are comparable to initial public offerings, but the coins they issue may also be useful for a software service or product;
  • Some ICOs have provided investors with enormous returns. Many others have proven to be dishonest or have delivered abject failure;
  • You often need to first invest in a more well-known digital currency and have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets to take part in an ICO;
  • Since ICOs are largely unregulated, investors must be extremely cautious and diligent while learning about and investing in ICOs.

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Types of ICO

If you want to regulate ICO, you can find below the two different kinds of initial coin offerings in Vietnam:

1) Private ICO in Vietnam

Only a selected group of investors may take part in private initial coin offerings. Private ICOs often limit participation to approved investors (financial institutions and high-net-worth people), while a business may choose to impose a minimum investment threshold.

2) Public ICOs in Vietnam

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) that are open to the public are a type of crowdfunding. Since practically anyone can invest, the public offering has democratized investing. However, compared to public offers, private ICOs are starting to look more appealing because of regulatory worries.

The popularity of initial coin offerings in Vietnam is increasing as a result of the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in this country. You are welcome to get detailed information on this matter from our experts. They can further help you to open a cryptocurrency company in Vietnam. It is suggested to interact with our local experts if you have decided to open a company in this country. They can help you to comply with the rules and regulations.

ICO status in Vietnam

The Vietnamese authorities have reportedly stated that they were considering possibilities to make the use of cryptocurrencies legal there. The restriction drastically slows the growth of cryptocurrencies in the country, even those used for legitimate purposes, despite the government’s claims that it is necessary to stop the use of cryptocurrencies for illegal activity.

Vietnam’s ban on cryptocurrency payments has had a significant impact on ICO activities there. Analysts believe that although Vietnamese government officials have not publicly discussed ICOs or their regulation, ICOs may also be subject to a similar restriction, with the government interfering with any potential ICOs in the nation. You can get further details from our lawyers about the regulations of initial coin offering in Vietnam. They can guide you if you are eligible to regulate ICO in this country. In addition to this, if you want to open a branch of your foreign company in Vietnam, you can consult with our company incorporation consultants.

What is an ICO’s Process?

The primary concept behind ICOs is to use the decentralized nature of blockchain technology to raise cash in ways that align the interests of multiple stakeholders. Following is a list of the steps in an ICO:

  • Choosing appropriate investment targets;
  • Generation of tokens;
  • Marketing approach;
  • Initial supply.

These are the steps involved in the initial coin offering in Vietnam. Our experts can provide you with practical assistance in the regulation of ICO. In addition to this, our consultants can also assist you if you need online incorporation in this country.

Cryptocurrency statistics in Vietnam

Before regulating the initial coin offering in Vietnam, please find below the cryptocurrency trend in this country. These statistics might help you make a better choice:

  •  6.1 percent of Vietnam’s entire population, or more than 5.9 million people, are thought to be cryptocurrency owners in this country;
  • For the total value of retail and on-chain cryptocurrency transactions, Vietnam came in 2nd place globally.

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