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How to Become a Shareholder in Vietnam

How to Become a Shareholder in Vietnam

Becoming a shareholder in Vietnam can be effectuated by setting up a new legal entity, acquiring a shelf company or buying stocks in one. In this article, our company formation advisors in Vietnam briefly analyze these three options of how to become a shareholder in this jurisdiction.

Setting up a new legal entity in Vietnam

The most popular type of company in Vietnam chosen by foreign investors is the limited liability company

This type of legal entity can have a single-shareholder or a single-member structure or, alternatively, it can have a multi-member one. Our Vietnam company formation consultants can assist you to open such a company in Vietnam.

In order to set up a limited liability company in this country, a trade name has to be reserved. Then, the Articles of Association should be drafted and the company seal should be made.

These documents will have to be submitted to the Business Registration Office. Next, the owner or the owners have to set up a bank account and pay the business license tax.

Lastly, the company will have to register for taxes in Vietnam, as well as for the social security and employment purposes.

Acquiring a shelf company in Vietnam

One of the ways of becoming a shareholder in Vietnam is to acquire a shelf company here. When doing so, a thorough research is required so that the most suitable option is found.

This due diligence should be based on the investor’s needs and it may depend on the age of the shelf company, if it has a VAT number or not and the activities which the investor intends to get involved in.

Our Vietnam company registration agents can assist you to acquire such a legal entity here. Our Vietnamese accountants can also offer you bookkeeping services. The regular recording of a business’s financial activities is known as bookkeeping. Companies can track all of the information on their books to make important operational, investment, and financing choices with the help of effective bookkeeping. Those who manage all of a company’s financial data are called bookkeepers. If you need bookkeeping services, get in touch with our accountants.

Buying stocks in Vietnam

This way of becoming a shareholder in Vietnam is possible by acquiring stocks which are listed on the public stock exchange in this country.

A company may issue stocks to represent the ownership interest in the business, this way the owner becoming a shareholder. Our company formation consultants in Vietnam can provide more details related to this subject.

If you would like to know more about becoming a shareholder in Vietnam, or for assistance to set up a company in Vietnam, please contact us.