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Business Start-up Costs in Vietnam

Business Start-up Costs in Vietnam

Foreign investors interested in starting a business in Vietnam must comply with various legal requirements. They must choose the right type of structure for registration and obtaining certain special licenses and permits. Apart from these, the investors must also consider the start-up costs of a business in Vietnam in order to not to be taken by surprise when coming to the country.

The business start-up costs must be considered separately from the share capital requirements. Below, our Vietnam company registration advisors explain the main costs one should expect when starting a company in this country.

Initial costs for opening a company in Vietnam

Most of the costs which must be considered when opening a business in Vietnam revolve around the fees related to the incorporation procedure of the company. The first fee is the notary fee which must be paid upon the preparation and notarization of the incorporation documents. These depend on the Vietnam region and the notary providing the service. However, foreign investors can choose full company incorporation services in Vietnam which are cheaper.

Other costs which must be considered when starting a business in Vietnam are the office space rental contract.

These types of costs are not fixed, because they depend on the amount of money the future business owner is willing to spend, his or her needs and, the size of the company.

Governmental start-up costs in Vietnam

Apart from the costs mentioned above, there are also the governmental fees which must be considered upon the registration of a business in Vietnam. However, one should not worry as these costs are reduced compared to other countries in Southeast Asia.

The governmental fees which must be paid when starting a business in Vietnam are:

–          the company name certificate;
–          the company seal;
–          the registration fee of the company seal;
–          the purchase of the VAT invoices;
–          the publishing of the registration certificate with the National Business Registration Portal;
–          the business license fee.

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For personalized company formation services in Vietnam, please feel free to contact our local company incorporation specialists.